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The first time I’ve heard her was on ‘kiniro no corda’ and I loved it. She does many classical crossovers and being someone who enjoys classical music, it made me even more interested in her. Her voice is calming and helps me go to sleep at times. She has a lot of Christian references in her songs but it doesn’t bother me much (even if I’m not religious).
kanon’s wikipedia article can be found HERE♡

Songs are separated by cds, with singles listed under their release years. I’m missing one song that came out in her early singles, and i’m unable to find that single anywhere (not even a music clip)…


16 Responses to “About kanon”

  1. junshibuya Says:

    thanks for the lyric, I put to my blog too ^^

  2. ゼラ Says:

    hi, mink! would love it if you could transliterate & translate the lyrics for Saga~This is my road. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

    btw, i don’t expect you to transcribe the Latin at the beginning. i think i may be able to get it, since i took Latin in high school. but all those 5 yrs are probably out of the window by now! haha

  3. ゼラ Says:

    i just figured out what the Latin says:

    Benedictus qui venit / Blessed is He who comes
    In nomine, / In the name,
    In nomine Domini. / In the name of the Lord.
    Osanna in excelsis. / Hosanna in the highest.

    it actually comes from J.S. Bach’s Mass in B Minor, BWV 232. gives me goosebumps thinking about it because there’s more meaning behind it all…i shall be writing about it on my Kanon fan site once you’ve finished the translation. (NO PRESSURE! lol) thanks a bunch in advance, dear!

  4. junshibuya Says:

    Hi, mink. I need some help. cloud you help me to make a lyric for Kanon kiseki song of love in english version , here the link http://junshibuyablog.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/kanon-kiseki-song-of-love-english-version/
    the song little different in japanese version.

    Thanks u m(_ _)m

    • xxminkxx Says:

      here’s my attempt, although i can’t make out this one word no matter how many times i listen to it 😦

      キセキ Song of Love-English version-
      Believe and pray forever
      let no more fears surround your heart
      have faith in yourself and there will be a miracle when you truly believe

      when you are sad and feeling down just look up to the sky, there’s no need to cry
      ??? always be there for you
      and guide you through the darkness and brace you with his love

      Believe and pray forever
      let no more fears surround your heart
      have faith in yourself and there will be a miracle when you truly believe

      • ゼラ Says:

        “The Lord will always be [there] for you”

        i actually did not hear “there”, but it works either way.

      • ゼラ Says:

        “He’ll guide you through the darkness and brace you with His love”


        “He’ll guide you through the darkness, embrace you with His love”

        anything goes, really. lol

      • xxminkxx Says:

        that’s why it’s so hard to make out lyrics by ear 😛

  5. junshibuya Says:

    thanks u so much.
    m(_ _)m

  6. Erel Says:

    hi!!!! thanks a lot for lyrics! it’s so difficult to find them! I love Kanon’s songs ❤

  7. ゼラ Says:

    the waiting is over!! -> Saga~This is my road (LIVE) (Full Length Ver.)

    would greatly appreciate your translation services!

    • xxminkxx Says:

      Thank you so much for the wonderful clip (and just in time before I leave for my trip where I’ll get crappy internet)! Makes me even more anxious of a single (an album would be even better XD)!

      Anyhow, the lyrics have been posted here. Enjoy 😀

  8. kazuki Says:

    hi mink~nice to meet u~ the 1st time i heard she sings was prima passo opening too~~and i started to love her song since then~~^^
    all of her songs are really nice and i feel like i’m in paradise when here her voice, haha, it was too soft and relaxing, awesome.
    anyway thanks for the lyric~~search for so long~ ^^

  9. Shunpei Says:

    Thank you very much :З
    You are the best. I was searching for lyrics マリウスの歌 (mariusu no uta) very long time. You grant my wish.
    Sorry for my english.

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